English Transcript

To say something about Thor Gundersen, about what he is and what he does is not easy. It's hard to describe these things with words. We met Thor about five years ago in Spain and he said to me, your kidneys don't work like they should. I was told the exact same thing from a doctor 20 years ago. So I thought, ok you're probably right. It's not really getting in my way I thought. Then Thor said, I\'ll change it. I felt nothing at first. But that night I didn't wake up at 5am to get to the bathroom but at 7.30am. I've been giving Tai Chi and Qi Gong lessons for 8 years with the system of doctor Shen Hongxun and I had an idea what the problem was. The morning after that we met him again and during a few hours he explained what he works on an how he works. On that basis, my wife and I asked him to come to The Netherlands and he said yes. He came here with his partner Lisbeth and it was like a party for 5 days. A lot of people came to the introductions, the training etc and I've seem some amazing transformations with people. We think you really have to experience this yourself, you can't explain it. But don't belief me. Come by, visit a training and experience it yourself. Thor Gundersen IS. Perhaps that\'s the best description one can give. He doesn't have problems with his ego, the ego serves him. And I've been given the introductions on his system so I understand it better now and I feel that I have changed in some remarkable ways. You can ask that my mother-in-law how far that went... But like I said. It's hard to describe in a clear way which processes are going on but they make me happy. Thor Gundersen IS.