English Transcript

My name is Maren. I'm 19 years old and I'm from Tonsberg. I have been coming to Thor for about 8 years and he has been very helpful to raise my confidence and make me feel good about myself. Before exams I always call Thor because he gives me confidence and he gives me the feeling I can succeed. He has also helped me not to be afraid of anything around me, like the fact that I'm imagining things and people around me. Also the feeling of being watched or people being in the room and spirits around me, Thor has thought me techniques to disconnect form that feeling and not being afraid. When I was as a little girl I saw things without knowing what is was, but Thor has helped me understand and now I'm not afraid to talk about it. Now I feel like a better person with more confidence and I feel it's easier to talk to strangers, not being judgemental and the fact that we are living here and now is very important.