English Transcript

My name is Linda Thorstensen. I'm 49 and live in Kongsberg. I have been going to Thor's workshops for seven years or so now. That is nearly as long as he has been teaching his system. A lot has changed over the years. I used to have many problems. My body, temper and my life itself were out of balance. I was stuck. Then I met Thor and got going. The first couple of years my physical and mental health improved a lot. Realizing that there were layers upon layers to work on, I learned to be more patient with myself as I peel the layers of problems away. It is important to be patient with one self as the processes are huge and the layers many. Then a new development started in directions I had not evened dare to dream about. I have developed clear sight and a gift for healing. I am fortunate enough to be able to use my newly developed talents in my work. My life is like a rocket, I'm not even considering being afraid, I just do what the situation calls for. If anyone had told me ten years ago that my all my problems would dissolve, I would not have believed it. I'd have replied "it is impossible", but I would have been wrong -- it is possible. Thor's system is great. I have a good connection with him: if anything needs clearing up, I call Thor. You do, however, have to change your own life, do things differently. Thor will start the process, but you have to take some responsibility and do the work. With Thor's help it is easy. It is an efficient system. I'm not scared or afraid anymore. It is a very special and unique system. Absolutely worth trying. Thanks to Thor's system it is good to be me and I did not know that was possible.