English Transcript

My name is Kirsten. I met Thor Gundersen seven years ago. It was the beginning of an amazing experience. I came to Thor with PMS problems the physicians could not solve. Not that they were not willing to prescribe medication, even uppers. But that did not feel right. My pain body was very strong. I had migraine and ulcer from age of 15. Then I met Thor and I'm pain free now! I feel younger at 49 than I did at 30. One important difference is that I care about myself now, I feel safe and secure in myself. I spend more time in the here and now than before. I trust that whatever happens; is as it should be. Anything can be considered a new experience. Thor continues to start up new processes -- it is like peeling an onion. I get in a natural flow -- take life as it comes with the experiences it offers. My husband and two children got involved as well. Now we all go. When one of us reacts badly, we look inwards with Thor's help for the reason/imbalance. Thor then helps us getting in balance. We have improved as a family. We help each other, know each other a lot better. None of us has ever abused the knowledge. We have great respect for each other for the work we do. Looking forward to every meeting with Thor, we continue to improve.